# Release Notes & Changelog

Read about new features, fixes, and improvements that we've made to Retail Cloud Connect.

# 2024

# June

  • We've deployed additional serving infrastructure in Europe and Australia to improve global performance
  • Shopify Recommendations AI App Blocks have been optimized for speed and accessibility across devices
  • Our team took some awesome vacations to rest and recharge - work hard, play hard!

# May

  • Shopify Search Results and Product Grid App Blocks can now return variants product sizes and/or colors
  • Shopify Search Results and Product Grid App Blocks now display secondary images on hover
  • Shopify Search Results and Product Grid App Blocks filters can now be positioned above products, offering more design flexibility

# April

  • Believe it or not, our daily full Shopify catalog imports are even faster now
  • Shopify Search Results and Product Grid App Blocks now display product reviews and badges such as, Sale
  • Shopify merchants can now create additional Retail API Custom Attributes using Shopify tags with Tag Groups
  • Shopify merchants can now use tags to ignore products during Retail API catalog imports
  • Shopify merchants can now import specific collections to the Retail API to improve merchandising experiences
  • Shopify App Blocks can now return a dynamic slider for attributes with a range of values such as product dimensions
  • Network calls have been optimized in our Storefront API to improve performance - average response time is now 48ms, and p95 is < 230ms

# March

  • All of our Shopify customers can now use all of their markets and currencies with one Google Cloud retail catalog
  • Shopify collection updates are now sent to the Retail API in near-real-time and products are returned prior to the next scheduled catalog sync
  • Shopify merchants can now use a single Google Cloud catalog to serve all currencies and markets
  • Additional custom pricing is now available for Shopify merchants between our Starter and Growth plans

# February

  • The search bar within Shopify App Blocks now updates search results as a customer types, merchants can also add this functionality to their primary search bar
  • Customers can now sort Search Results and Product Grid Shopify App Blocks by Newest
  • We have optimized Shopify App Block images for optimal performance
  • We have fixed a bug where Recommendations AI revenue was sporadically counted twice upon a Shopify conversion
  • We are now performing additional data enrichment and cleanup activities during catalog imports to improve navigation and search results
  • Merchants can now override default facet and filter sort order in Liquid, as opposed to strictly relying on Dynamic Facets

# January

  • We have improved the Shopify App UX when enabling user event tracking on the Theme Installation page, this is now more clear when the installation is successful
  • Shopify merchants can now target individual components on App Blocks, such as facet names or headers, to rename them or apply translations
  • Shopify App Blocks now reference the store-wide currency format settings to ensure consistency in symbols and decimals across pages
  • The Product Grid Shopify App Block for Collection pages can now include the collection description and a search bar

# 2023

# December

  • Real-time inventory and pricing updates are now available to all Shopify App merchants to ensure accuracy between search results, collection, and product pages and avoid displaying out-of-stock products or inaccurate pricing
  • Shopify merchants can now select one or more product catalog Tags in the Google Cloud Retail API catalog import settings, this is particularly useful if the data is not available in a metafield
  • Shopify merchants can now select any metadata field for "Color" instead of the default, built-in product variant field
  • We now import Shopify SKUs by default and recommend that merchants set the attribute as "Exact Match" and "Searchable" in the Google Cloud Retail API settings - this was a common request for internal website users and support staff who prefer to search by SKU

# November

  • We have unified App Block CSS classes to make it easier for Shopify merchants to customize the look and feel of their search results, collection pages, and recommendations - this includes the ability to target specific facet filters by name
  • Retail Cloud Connect has finished the private beta period and is now live on the Shopify App Store